Dave Ramsey Mortgage Calculator: Stop Paying the Bank and Start Paying Yourself

Aren’t you tired of sending the bank that hefty mortgage payment each month? While you toil hard at your job each day to make that money, all that money is going straight into the hands of some enormous business.What if there was a way to start paying yourself instead and flip the tables? You may calculate how to pay off your house early and significantly reduce your interest costs by using the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator. That 30-year mortgage may be gone in a few years if a few easy modifications are made. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the title in your hands and be aware that you are the only owner of your house? Simply a place to call home that is entirely yours, with no additional payments or interest. You can see how to get there with the help of the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator. It’s time to start paying yourself instead of the bank.

How to Use the Mortgage Calculator by Dave Ramsey

You can determine how much interest you’ll pay over the course of your mortgage by using the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator. Its goal is to demonstrate to you the financial benefits of making more principal payments.

This is how it goes:

Enter the loan amount, interest rate, and loan duration for your mortgage. You may use the calculator to see how much interest you’ve paid overall and how long it will take to pay off your mortgage.

Enter any additional principal payments you choose to make each month after that. Your revised payback schedule and the amount of interest you’ll save are immediately adjusted in the calculator.

For instance, making only $50 or $100 more in principle payments each month might shorten the length of your mortgage and save you hundreds of dollars in interest payments. Paying biweekly rather than monthly might have a comparable impact. Making those additional payments automated will let you pay yourself instead of the bank, which is the key.

Using the calculator, you may also see how much quicker your mortgage can be paid off by rounding up your payments to the next $50 or $100. A simple technique to advance is to round up and add that sum immediately to your principal.

The Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator offers a sobering look at the real cost of a mortgage and demonstrates how just a few little adjustments may hasten your journey toward financial independence. Try it out; you may be surprised at how much money you can save by paying a little bit extra. Arm yourself with the facts and stop paying the bank because knowledge is power!

Reasons Why Dave Ramsey’s Method Is the Best for Paying Off Your Mortgage

For a number of reasons, the Dave Ramsey strategy is the most effective in paying down your mortgage:

Thousands of dollars in interest fees will be saved. You may speed up the process of lowering your overall debt by making additional payments that go straight to your principal. Less interest will accrue throughout the course of the loan as a result. Using this technique, some individuals can save tens of thousands of dollars!

Your house will be yours sooner. You may reduce the overall payback time by years by making extra payments, particularly at the beginning of your mortgage. Imagine becoming debt-free five to ten years earlier!

Your equity will grow more quickly. Your loan amount falls when you make principle payments at a faster pace. This indicates that the amount you truly own—your home equity—increases more quickly. Equity increases financial stability and security.

You’ll learn discipline and alter your perspective. The Ramsey plan encourages you to put off gratification by making short-term sacrifices in order to make long-term gains. You’ll alter your perspective on debt and create routines to completely avoid it.

The Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator method does call for self-control and a commitment to stick to a strict budget. However, the benefits of being free of your mortgage, taking charge of your biggest monthly payment, and finding genuine financial peace are well worth the effort. The Dave Ramsey plan is the best course of action if you want to quit paying the bank and start paying yourself.

How to Use Dave Ramsey’s Mortgage Calculator to Get Out of Debt

Initially, pay off high-interest bills.

You can see how much interest you’re paying the bank each month with the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator. Prioritize paying off high-interest obligations first, such as credit cards. You pay more in interest fees each month as the interest rate rises. Pay the bare minimum on all other debts while making a sizable contribution on the sum with the highest interest rate. Roll the payment over to the next highest rate after it is paid off, and so on until you are debt-free.

Pay every two weeks

The majority of mortgages need monthly payments, however making biweekly payments of half the balance may result in thousands of dollars in interest savings and a shorter loan term. Each year, a full payment is added for biweekly installments, which accelerates principal reduction. By moving to a biweekly payment plan, you may pay off your mortgage considerably more quickly, as shown by the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator.

When possible, pay more.

Put any additional funds you get, such as bonuses, raises, or cash gifts, into the principle of your mortgage. Making extra principle payments, no matter how modest, can lower your interest costs and decrease the loan’s amortization period. Enter various additional payment amounts into the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator to see how much you may save.

Think about refinancing

It can make sense to refinance if interest rates have drastically decreased since you took out your mortgage. To see if refinancing could result in a reduced rate and cost savings, use an online mortgage refinance calculator. Make sure the interest savings from a new loan do not exceed the closing fees. A lower rate allows you to pay off the loan more quickly since more of your payments will go toward the principle.

By utilizing tools like the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator to maximize your payments and adhering to certain tried-and-true debt-reduction strategies, you can pay off your mortgage early. You’ll soon have the house of your dreams that is paid for if you are diligent and dedicated to your objective.


Now that you know how to use the Dave Ramsey mortgage calculator, you can calculate the precise amount of interest you will pay on your mortgage. Really depressing, huh? The good news is that you now have the information and resources necessary to take action. You have the option to start putting that money in your own pockets rather of the bank’s. When you can, make some additional payments by rounding up or adding a little bit more. You’ll save a lot of money if you pay it off early. Consider the things you might do with all that money, such as pay for your children’s education, travel the world, or retire earlier. There are many options. Take charge of your financial future and mortgage. You can do this. Get to work right away and begin sending in those funds.

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